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Published 4:26 am Monday, July 30, 2007

By Staff
Shop local for tax-free weekend
Alabama residents have the perfect opportunity to shop for school supplies and school clothes next weekend.
The state is again offering a tax-free weekend on items such as notebooks and pencils; computer equipment; books; and school uniforms.
We're glad to see that the cities of Brewton and East Brewton have joined the state in the suspension of sales taxes on those items starting next Friday. The tax-free holiday gives parents a chance to save a little bit of money on the supplies that can certainly add up for many families.
Some people may question why the Escambia County Commission is not taking part in the tax-free holiday - a choice which makes shopping in Escambia County tax-lite, although not exactly tax-free.
But nearly all of the 1-cent sales tax that Escambia County receives goes to support the schools in our county - and losing that revenue, even for three days, could hurt the schools.
So it makes sense to us that Escambia County would forego participation in the tax-free weekend.
As it stands, Escambia County residents will be able to save 7 cents in sales taxes, if not the full 8 percent.
We encourage all of our residents to shop local businesses as they look for school supplies and clothing this weekend. While we certainly won't see much tax benefit from it, our local merchants will be able to reinvest that money in the community - and that gives all of us a win-win situation.

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