Feeling pride has ripple effect

Published 5:14 am Monday, August 6, 2007

By Staff
I don't know Ray and Mary Weaver, so I cannot say how they felt last Thursday as their grandchildren performed for a group of people at the East Brewton Sail Center. But I do know this: I felt proud for them.
How wonderful to be able to introduce such talented and, apparently, affectionate children. When Mr. Weaver stood to recognize the four of them, along with their parents, I could hear some pride in his voice. He even explained that the children were called &#8220grand” children for a reason. I could sense his pride in them.
Not only did he call the foursome &#8220grand,” the sentiment was returned as the oldest of the group introduced each one by name. Alicia Weaver said her grandparents were also called &#8220grand” for a reason.
How wonderful to have someone you love publicly express their love for you as well. I'm not sure how things are in Tennessee, where the children now reside, but in many places you don't hear young people expressing appreciation and affection for the older generation - at least not publicly.
The children who serenaded and danced their way into the hearts of the people in East Brewton range in age from 14 to 21. It makes me happy to know there are teenagers who appear to actually enjoy spending vacation time with their parents and visiting their grandparents.
As the group sang perfect four-part harmony on some classic gospel songs, I felt that lump swelling in my throat. Never before have I heard &#8220Beulah Land” sung in such a way that I found myself choking back more than a few tears. The song is beautiful no matter who the singers are, but for some reason, those young, loving voices gave the song a certain appeal I had never experienced before.
To hear this telling of the events held in a meeting place in East Brewton Thursday morning certainly leaves something to be desired. As a reader of my column, you can't possibly know how it was for me to stand there and hear those voices singing to such wonderful people. The look of enjoyment I saw on the faces of so many was simply too beautiful to describe. Words could never explain the feeling in the room during their performance.
After the group sang a few songs, they took a few minutes and donned special dancing shoes. No, the shoes weren't magical, but they did allow the wearers to perform some magical steps.
I have seen clogging before, but never with so much energy and enjoyment. The four-member clogging team danced one number in a square dance style and smiled and laughed with each other throughout the performance. Typical clogging music was played as they performed most of the dances, however, being the young people they are, a more modern number was incorporated into their routine. What lively entertainers they are.
I'm sure that Ray and Mary Weaver were beaming with pride all day on Thursday and should continue to be proud of such wonderful grandchildren. As I mentioned before, I am not familiar with the family, but I certainly didn't mind being allowed to enjoy their family talent.
Lisa Tindell is a news reporter for The Brewton Standard. She may be reached at 867-4876 or by e-mail at lisa.tindell@brewtonstandard.com.

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