E.B. taxes highest

Published 5:56 am Monday, August 13, 2007

By By Lisa Tindell
news reporter

East Brewton’s sales taxes are now the highest in Escambia County — but city officials said they are needed to help break even.
The council increased sales tax by 2 percent; gasoline tax by 2 cents per gallon; and garbage fees by $4 per month.
The license fees will also increase by $20 per year.
Taxes and license fees changes will become effective Oct. 1, while garbage fee increases will be immediate.
Currently, Brewton has a sales tax of 3 cents on the dollar with 2 cents per gallon gas tax. Garbage fees are $13.65 per month with one pick-up per week.
Atmore’s rates are comparable with a 3 cent sales tax, 2 cents per gallon gasoline tax and a garbage fee of $15 per month for two pick-ups per week. Flomaton has a 3 cent sales tax in place with a 1.5 cent per gallon gasoline tax. Garbage fees in Flomaton are $12.36 monthly one with pick-up per week.
Clark said with the increase in minimum wage for hourly employees by the federal government is one reason the city needs to come up with additional funds.
Clark said he has not heard any complaints about the increases, but he knows some residents are concerned.
Clark said if shoppers would keep things in perspective the increase in the taxes wouldn’t have much effect on their bottom line.

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