Habitat celebrates house dedication

Published 6:01 am Monday, August 13, 2007

By Staff
Imagine the emotion erupting in the hearts of a single mom and her children as the key to their new home was placed in their hand.
Board members of the Brewton Area Affiliate of Habitat for Humanity had that privilege on Sunday for the 13th time. Carol Barton had met the qualifying guidelines, put in her “sweat equity” and was moving in that afternoon. It was a beautiful moment as Carol was realizing her dream of owning her own home coming true.
We are privileged to have a Habitat affiliate in our community that is actively helping families in need afford a decent home. Of course, that involves an active board, lots of volunteers and donations from the community. However, there is one thing we all can do, even if we can’t swing a hammer. That is to collect aluminum cans. I see them everywhere I go, now that I know they are valuable and easily recyclable. In fact, if each household in our community recycled four aluminum cans a day (or 120 a month), we could build a Habitat home in just one year! That’s do-able!
Why not get into the habit of picking up and saving aluminum cans for Habitat. There are drop off can cottages at the YMCA, City Hall in East Brewton, Jus Do on Douglas Avenue and Baptist Hill Baptist Church on Sowell Road. Get involved with Habitat for Humanity. It’s a precious thing.
Kathy Mathieu
Brewton resident

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