OUR VIEW: Uncertainty tough to handle

Published 6:02 am Monday, August 13, 2007

By Staff
As the news came out this week that Georgia-Pacific would be buying Brewton’s Smurfit-Stone mill, rumors continued to fly about what would happen next.
The apprehension we’re all feeling — especially since all of the employees will have to reapply for their jobs — is certainly understandable. It is a scary time for our community and for the many people who work at the mill or have family members who work there.
But we need to consider what is positive about this new development. Smurfit could have decided to shut down the mill altogether; instead, a new company — one with a solid track record and a reputation for responsible corporate citizenship — is taking over.
The most uncertainty lies in whether everyone will be rehired or not, and how Georgia-Pacific’s ownership will affect the benefits that employees already enjoyed under Smurfit. We wish that those answers were readily available and not days or weeks away, but the answers will come in time, and unfortunately we have to be patient.
The Brewton mill has thrived for 50 years, under different ownership at least three times. The mill remains a valuable property, and Georgia-Pacific officials say they are committed to keeping it operating and successful.
It has been so successful over the years because of the employees who work hard and the community that supports the mill. We look forward to seeing that hard work and support continue, no matter who owns the facility.

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