Broadcasts a fun time for Brewton superintendent

Published 7:01 am Monday, August 20, 2007

Lynn Smith more or less fell into his current position.
No, not his job as Brewton City Schools superintendent. This is in reference to his other job as one of the voices of T.R. Miller Tiger football radio broadcasts.
Smith is gearing up for his 13th season behind the microphone, which kicks off Aug. 31 when T.R. Miller entertains Clarke County at Brewton Municipal Stadium.
Smith made his first radio contribution in 1995 when he joined James Aubrey Wilson for pre-game segments for WKNU radio. Wilson and Bill Henderson followed with the actual game broadcast.
Smith's radio involvement expanded in 1999 when T.R. Miller broadcasts moved to WPPG. Smith continued to do pre-game segments with Wilson and moved into the actual game broadcasts with Doug Prater.
T.R. Miller broadcasts found another home in 2005 when they moved to WELJ. Smith did pre-game segments with Prater and game broadcasts with Wilson.
Smith and Wilson did both pre-game and game broadcasts last season. They are scheduled to fill that role again his year.
The pre-game shows have expanded from 30 minutes to a full hour during Smith's tenure.
Smith's role during the game is color commentary although he was forced into the play-by-play role one night.
Smith said he has worked with many good voices.
Smith said the main reason for game broadcasts is public service.
to the Quarterback Club,” said Smith. &#8220We mainly do it for those folks, usually older folks, who can't get to the games. We're fortunate to be on a station right now, WELJ, which has a strong signal. Our signal will reach near the Mississippi border and to about the Dothan area to the east. That is important because T.R. Miller football has such a big following.”
While Smith admits he is a fan during the broadcasts, he also tries to be realistic.
Smith has had the pleasure of being on the airwaves when T.R. Miller won state titles in 2000 and 2002.

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