Other views: Board right to turn down health proposal

Published 6:57 am Monday, August 20, 2007

By Staff
A state insurance board turned down the Alabama Senate's bid for state-funded health insurance last week, the Associated Press announced.
In the closing hours of its last session on June 7, the Senate passed a resolution by an unrecorded voice vote to seek coverage through an insurance program operated by the State Employees Insurance Board.
Finance Director Jim Main, a member of Gov. Bob Riley's Cabinet, urged the board to reject the resolution, and the board did so without opposition.
Board members said they need a resolution passed by both houses of the Legislature for the application for insurance to be official.
Sen. E.B. McClain, D-Midfield, said other Southern states provide publicly funded health insurance for their legislators and Alabama should do the same.
The question here is not one of importance. It is a question of ethics. Our Senate wasted no time voting itself a hefty raise and passing the aforementioned resolution, while allowing more important bills to die in the basket.
Aside from the fact that over 30 part-time legislators have health insurance through the public schools or colleges they or their spouses work for, they can already get state funded insurance - provided that they pay the full $640 per month.
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