Girl hero to mom: ‘I listened to my mom's heart and didn't hear anything. …I just wanted to help her.'

Published 7:09 am Wednesday, August 22, 2007

By By Lydia Grimes – features reporter
Seven-year-old Alexis King of Brewton may not have known the television programs she watched with her grandmother would ever come in handy, but they did.
A trip to the eye doctor last month gave Alexis an opportunity to use what she had learned from watching medical shows on TV. Her mother Amber King lost control of their car when she had a seizure while driving. Alexis didn't quite know what was happening, but she knew her mother needed the mouth-to-mouth rescusitation she had seen on television.
Lexie, as family members call her, was responding to what could have been a life or death situation for her mother.
According to King, doctors have determined she suffered a grand mal seizure, which led to the heroic efforts of her daughter.
Lexie's efforts proved to be to be the breath of life for her mother.
According to King, the vehicle they were traveling in took quite a spin before coming to rest against some bushes along the road.
Before the ambulance arrived to offer more help, Lexie made efforts to comfort her crying sister.
King says the incident has caused her to stop driving pending more tests by doctors to determine the cause of the seizure.

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