Store walls rising

Published 7:11 am Wednesday, August 22, 2007

By By Lisa Tindell – news reporter
With construction well under way, Walgreen's corporation projects a February 2008 opening for their location at Douglas Avenue and Douglas Lane in Brewton.
The Brewton location, which will be among more than 5,000 locations operated by the company, will feature a variety of special services in addition to pharmacy services.
The Brewton store will employ about 25 people, Hively said.
Hively said a typical Walgreens store is from 14,500 to 14,800 square feet in size, which includes about 11,000 square feet of sales area.
The Brewton location will be a freestanding unit, meaning no other business outlet will be attached to the structure.
With almost 50 percent of Walgreens locations less than five years old, the Brewton store will be an up-to-date facility offering the latest in design and operation capabilities, Hively said.
Walgreens reached $47.4 billion in sales during fiscal year 2006 making it the nation's largest drugstore chain and the eighth largest retailer, Hively said.
While Walgreens is making progress on its construction, another chain drug store in Brewton has announced plans to close. Rite Aid will be open only through October, officials announced earlier this month.