Tigers shift to game plan mode

Published 7:27 am Wednesday, August 22, 2007

T.R. Miller Tigers football coach Jamie Riggs more or less divides the 25 days his team gets to practice prior to its first game into two halves.
The first half is mainly the preseason, when Riggs and his staff identify the players who make up the starting lineup. The second half of that stretch is for establishing a game plan for next Friday's season and home opener against Clarke County.
T.R. Miller held its Red/White scrimmage game Friday. The Tigers also scrimmaged Tuesday.
Riggs said in addition to serving as a tool for identifying the rest of the starting lineup, the scrimmage helps break up the monotony of practice.
Riggs said most of his team's starting spots have been identified at this point.
Riggs said much of the special teams spots remain a mystery.
The T.R. Miller skipper said he likes the overall progress his team has made from the end of the first week of practice to he present.

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