10 Reasons To Love High School Football

Published 8:02 am Wednesday, August 29, 2007

By Staff
1. Camaraderie: Where else can you wedge yourself between perfect strangers and be perfectly happy?
2. &#8220I just like football. I also like to support the community. I graduated from W.S. Neal and have followed the game ever since. I like to watch the fans and I like to try to get them cheering and involved in the game. I just love to watch the games and give my support to my community.”
3. Rivalries: No cross-town rivalry is better than the Battle of Murder Creek.
4. &#8220I graduated from T.R. Miller, and my step-daughter is in the colorguard. I don't get to go to every game, but I go as much as I can. I like the general atmosphere at the game, with the game and the band playing. It's good Friday night excitement.”
5. Bright lights, little city: Have you ever noticed that the brightest spot in town on Friday night comes from the glow of the high school football stadium?
6. Cheerleaders: How do they perform those death-defying stunts by tossing each other in the air?
7. &#8220I go to watch the band because I have children in the band. But I do like the Friday night excitement of the game.”
8. &#8220I played football for a long time. I love the excitement of the game and like to watch the kids. The half-time shows are always good and I like to support our young people. I enjoy everything about the game.”
9. Cost: It's only a few bucks to get into the game. That's a cheap date, a frugal family outing and a great way to pass a fall evening.
10. Band: There's nothing better than the beat of the drumline before the start of the game to get you revved up for football.