Volunteers build homes with love

Published 9:14 am Wednesday, September 5, 2007

By Staff
Thirteen houses and counting for the Greater Brewton Habitat for Humanity organization.
Dedication services were held for the two houses recently completed by a large group of dedicated volunteers over a 29-day building-blitz time frame. Some, but not all, of those who volunteered their time, sweat, expertise and strong backs and arms to make the homes a reality were in attendance at Sunday's ceremonies.
Our praise and admiration is heaped upon those who chose to make homeownership a possibility for the Thompson and Ewing families. Both families also contributed their sweat and efforts to help construct the homes they will now occupy.
Bobi Rush, president of the Greater Brewton Habitat for Humanity organization, said during Sunday's ceremony, that each of the two families put in 450 sweat-equity hours - most of which was done in extreme temperatures.
The fact that the families put some of themselves and not just money into the building of their new home proves they are willing to work for what they have.
Robert Hardy, a member of the GBHFH building committee, made the point clear how Habitat connects with families. He explained that from the selection of a site to the selection of the family all the way through to the presenting of the house keys to the new owners, Habitat becomes a part of the homeowners life and, in turn, the homeowner is forever a part of Habitat.
The Thompson and Ewing families have pledged their work on future Habitat homes in the Brewton/East Brewton area. We encourage others to join these families and numerous other volunteers as they make homeownership a dream come true for family number 14.