Guest Column: Football fan enjoys atmosphere, nachos

Published 9:43 am Monday, September 10, 2007

By Staff
I love football. I'm probably sure that most women won't make that statement with a straight face, but I really do love football.
Not just any type football, though. High school football is my favorite. College is OK, and I'm not real keen on NFL. I think for one to really enjoy the game, one must see the game, and I don't mean on TV.
What I love most about football is the atmosphere surrounding game day.
If I had to write a Master Card ad about it, it would read like this:
Nachos from the concession stand – $3.
The feeling of adrenaline as the home team rushes toward the end zone – priceless.”
And as much as I love high school football, I'm ashamed to say that I have not attended a game in years. Probably not since I had to cover a few games while working for a neighboring paper when we were short a sports guy.
And believe me, as much as I love football, you really don't want me writing about it.
If I wrote sports, this is what it would read like, &#8220He kicked the ball. The guy on the other team caught it and got tackled.”
That's probably simplifying this a bit, but I'm sure most people get the drift. And before you ask, I know that in all likelihood, it was on a kick-off return and he probably only gained about 10 yards.
Unfortunately, my normal gift of prose gets &#8220punted out the field” when it comes to describing sports.
I really do admire those that can write sports. It is a world of journalism all its own. When you add in trying to capture photos of people running faster than I have ever done in my life, I have to give those guys credit where credit is due.
Aside from not having to write about it, there's something about the season surrounding football that adds to my love, I think.
Cool, fall weather is something we wish after summer has melted away all lasting memories of coolness from our minds.
We crave a noticeable change in the scenery, a marked difference in the seasons when the colors in the trees make the journey from vivid green to russets and brown.
Football gives us a chance to show our hometown pride and our competitiveness – sometimes friendly, sometimes not.
Whether you wear red and black, green and white, red and white or black and gold, (please remember if I got your school's colors wrong, I don't do sports), we're all the same – football fanatics.
So, hopefully I'll see you in the stands one Friday night – preferably one where the temperature is no greater than 65 degrees. I got that sweater you know, can't wait to wear it.
Maybe we can share some nachos.
Stephanie Nelson is a news reporter for the Andalusia-Star News.