Program helps students ‘talk about' problems

Published 9:30 am Monday, September 10, 2007

By By Lydia Grimes – features reporter
T.R. Miller teachers want students to be able to get help for their problems - even if they don't want anyone to know.
T.R. Miller High School is the first in the State of Alabama to utilize a new Internet program called &#8220Talk About It.” Students went through training on the program last week.
The program, developed by AnComm, is an anonymous online service to help students deal with typical - and sometimes not-so-typical - teenage problems. It is designed to bridge the gap between students and faculty, and gives the students a place to talk about the things that bother them. It serves as an &#8220icebreaker” to reach out and communicate with those who can give counsel in a way that breaks the code of silence.
Edge said the anonymity can help students talk about their problems.
According to AnComm's Web site, there are thousands of students in more than 100 elementary, middle and high schools, who are using &#8220Talk About It” to reports problems and incidents ranging from bullying, gangs, threats of violence, suicide and cheating to drug and alcohol abuse, pregnancy, depression, stress, physical abuse, self-mutilation, sexual harassment and date rape.