County putting files online

Published 9:59 am Wednesday, September 12, 2007

By By Lydia Grimes – features reporter
The State of Alabama and Escambia County have a new system to eliminate all the old paper files that take up so much room, clogging the offices and sometimes lining the halls of the courthouse.
Through, files are now being scanned and stored electronically, doing away with the original paper file. The county clerk's office is the only state office in Escambia County using the system at the present time, but others in county offices are in the process of using their own system.
Carol Carmichael is spending her days scanning documents. She operates out of an office in the clerk's office surrounded by stacks of documents.
She pointed to a tall bookcase that is about half full and said that as soon as she takes care of those files, she will be able to scan the more current files.
This system is not open to the general public and cannot be utilized unless the person or persons have access with a password.
Taylor said some judges are using it while others are not. Backup files are kept in three different places in Montgomery. Should something happen to one the information won't be lost.
Although the only office using this program is the clerk's office, some county officials have their own system. The office of the probate judge has been scanning deeds and mortgages for some time. Having this information on a computer makes it a lot easier to look up certain documents.

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