Prepare for Main Event

Published 9:53 am Wednesday, September 12, 2007

By By Lisa Tindell – news reporter
If you blink, you just might miss one of the best-kept secrets in town - The Main Event. The &#8220wing wagon”, as it is sometimes referred to, is set up in an area of the Brewton Heights Shopping Center, just across from Family Dollar.
Nicholson's business is run from what appears to be a travel trailer specially designed to house a moveable kitchen.
Nicholson, who is also a police officer with the Brewton Police Department, runs the business with his wife and mother-in-law.
Randy's wife, Tonya, serves as the front person for the business taking care of customers when they come to the window for service.
The business has a specialty that has become a favorite around town for those who have discovered The Main Event - chicken wings.
The chicken wings are the most popular item on the menu Nicholson said.
Nicholson said the traditional, mild and hot sauces are the most popular.
The new sauce additions, thanks to his children, are catching on well.
Nicholson said the wings continue to be a hit, but the second most popular item on the menu is the old fashioned hamburger made from scratch.
Tonya makes sure the hamburgers are just the right thickness to be cooked properly on the grill in the kitchen.
Tonya's mother, Pauline McKenzie, works the grill in the kitchen and preps the food for service.
Nicholson said his mother-in-law helps keep things running smoothly during some pretty busy times.
If chicken wings and hamburgers don't strike your fancy, you can bet you'll find other items on the menu that will suit your tastes.
Grilled chicken sandwiches are popular and you can even get a pork chop sandwich with all the trimmings. Other items on the menu include hot dogs, either plain or with chili and cheese; sausage dogs, chicken tenders, French fries, cheese sticks, fried mushrooms, fried okra and onion rings. Finish out your meal with a cold glass of homemade tea or lemonade or maybe a slice of cake.
With limited hours, The Main Event still has some busy times that may require you to wait on your order.
Not only can you get a good box of wings on a Friday and Saturday night, you can also call The Main Event for catering needs as well.
Nicholson said anyone who wants 100 or more wings, should give a little extra time to prepare such a large amount.
Since both Nicholson and his wife have other jobs, the wagon is only open for business on Friday and Saturday evenings.
Nicholson said that call-in orders are welcome and are encouraged. To call orders in for preparation, customers can dial 363-1742 and the order will be hot and ready when they arrive.