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Published 10:19 am Wednesday, September 19, 2007

By Staff
I am a 76 year-old, slightly handicapped male, born in the Lenox Community during the depression, attended Lenox Elementary School and graduated from Repton High School. I have lived in the Lenox community most of my life and have four children, eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, most of which live in Conecuh County.
We are all enjoying living in Conecuh County and especially the clean, fresh air and clean water. My wife and I reside in Swamp Acres, which is located along the banks of beautiful Brushy Creek.
Recently, I was driving along County Road 6 near my home, enjoying the fresh morning air, with my truck window down, when I came upon a big dead dog beside the road. Oops, too late, I had the truck full of the smell - almost made me sick. This is the way Timberlands Dump smelled when I went there to dump garbage. If you have not visited Timberlands, you should, just to get an idea of what a dump is like. Don't go near it at mealtime or you might do like I did, and lose your appetite.
I cannot understand why four of our county commissioners flew to Florida to see a landfill when they could have driven to the county line to see a real &#8220dump”, not a state-of-the-art recycling/incinerating facility. They probably wouldn't have had to buy lunch because they would have lost their appetite. They call Timberlands a landfill, but when riding by, it looks more like a mountain of garbage. Where does the run-off go? I have always been told it runs down hill. Look out Brewton for Burnt Corn Creek.
County commissioners should be very careful dealing with Conecuh Woods. You saw one of their men on Channel 5 last week when the reporter asked him if he would like to live by the proposed dump and he did not answer her. Their deal is too good and they are offering too much. Watch the ethics. Jesus was sold for 30 pieces of silver.
We need a lake - not another dump. Timberlands is too close for comfort. It is only a &#8220drop in the bucket” compared to what Conecuh Woods is planning. Commissioners, beware.
Ernest L. Hanks
Resident voices opinion, again
It is absolutely mind-boggling to me how our commissioners who were elected by the people as the governing body of our county could vote 4-1 to bring the matter of a proposed landfill to a referendum to be voted on by the same people who elected them.
It is even more mind-boggling that they also have made it crystal clear that the vote is meaningless. How can our commissioners ask the Legislature to go to the expensive, time-consuming job of placing an issue on the ballot, which has already been determined by the commission to be meaningless - not to mention the expense to the county (which I understand is shared with the state).
I also understand that the purpose of this vote is to give the people an opportunity to &#8220voice their opinion.” It appears to me that the people have already voiced their opinion - over and over again. As a matter of fact, the people have voiced their opinion so much that the CCSA Committee has been asked by the commissioners to only attend every other meeting. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but commissioners meetings have always been public and anyone is welcome to attend. I wonder if Conecuh Woods has been asked to only attend every other meeting.
After &#8220the people” read the Mobile Press, Monroe Journal and Evergreen Courant, I strongly believe that even more of the voters will be against placing a mega garbage dump in Conecuh County. Timberlands Landfill has already leaked mercury into the ground water, and who knows what else will leak in years to come.
Get on board and help fight this giant. Call the commissioners and oppose the dump, since our vote will mean nothing.
Floyd Morgan

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