Tucker counted as loss for Brewton

Published 10:34 am Sunday, September 23, 2007

By Staff
Brewton has undergone many losses that have left their mark on Brewton.
The most recent being the loss of Greg Tucker, my dear friend. My family and I have had Greg as a part of our lives forever, as have many of you. You could always count on Greg, he was there for you, no matter what you needed or when you needed it. He was good and kind and was always thinking about others.
The love Greg felt for his family was enormous, his family was his number one priority! But he made time for everyone else, making each and every one of us feel like a priority.
I never left Brewton without stopping by the fire station to see Greg … catching up, hearing what and how his family was doing, seeing those new pictures he would proudly pull out of his billfold, and always laughing.
Greg fixed things for us, he gave advice, he visited, he was there for me and my family, most importantly he gave us his friendship. I’m lucky enough to have had Greg in my family’s life long enough to see him go from the kid he was to the man he became.
I will miss his contagious smile and that twinkle he had in his eyes for the rest of my life. Brewton has suffered a tremendous loss and no one will ever fill Greg Tucker’s shoes — he was one of a kind!
Jamie Gardner Rutan