East Brewton considers memorial for military, police, fire

Published 11:39 am Sunday, September 30, 2007

By By Lisa Tindell
news editor

The East Brewton City Council is a little closer to getting what they need to make a decision surrounding a memorial planned for Fort Crawford Park.
Jim Weaver, a native of the Brewton area living near Bellevue, Wash., spoke to members of the council concerning their interest in creating a memorial to honor military personnel as well as firefighters and police officers at the time of their death.
Weaver said the memorial would not only be a place for military service men and women to be honored, but for other public servants as well.
East Brewton Mayor Terry Clark stated the city is serious about erecting such a memorial, however financial constraints could slow down the process.
Weaver provided pictures of a memorial similar to what is sought in East Brewton.
The council agreed to meet with other city and county officials to begin seeking funding to create the memorial in East Brewton.