LISA TINDELL: Fall TVseason should be a snap

Published 12:47 pm Sunday, October 7, 2007

By Staff
I am excited about the change in the seasons we are experiencing, but for some reason I just can’t get really excited about the upcoming fall television season.
I am looking forward to the beginning of a new season of old shows that I’ve come to enjoy. However, I am not at all excited about anything that will be new this season.
Mind you I haven’t heard a lot about brand new shows. Maybe it’s because I don’t usually get to sit down for more than 30 minutes or an hour to enjoy any kind of television program during the week.
By the time I get home from the office, it’s time to prepare some sort of meal. Even throwing together some ham sandwiches and a plate of fries takes some time and of course, there’s the clean up afterwards. And, if by some strange twist of fate I’ve prepared a more hearty meal, there is even more clean up after that. Then there’s the fact that people at my house want to wear neatly pressed clothes every day of the week. That calls for heating up the iron and finding whatever it is they want to wear the next day. There’s also a good chance that there is a particular shirt my husband wants to wear because of its comfort that will need washing. More time consumed by chores.
For these reasons, I tend to sit down in front of the television when I know a show I like is going to be on the air. I have my favorites and when I mention them to some of my friends, they kind of look at me as if I am just a little crazy.
One of my favorite shows is on a cable network. The show is called “Snapped”. I’m not sure how I came upon the show the first time I watched it but I was certainly intrigued enough with the shows content that I continued watching. I am mesmerized by the dealings on the show.
If you’ve never see the show, I’ll give you a brief overview. The show usually focuses on one woman who apparently has snapped. (Somehow, I can relate to that.) The show revolves around the events leading up to a murder committed by the woman. It then shows the process by which she is arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced.
The show usually involves a woman who has snapped on her husband or her boyfriend’s wife. That makes it even more interesting to me, but certainly gives my husband cause for concern.
One of the reasons I’m writing about this particular show is because I have grown to enjoy it so much. Another reason is because the new season starts tonight — with all new episodes. I am certainly thankful for a new season of episodes because I have seen the current run of episodes at least three times.
If you are interested to see the show that has gained so much of my limited television time, you can find it on the Oxygen channel tonight beginning at 9 p.m. Apparently the first show of the new season will be about the teacher wife who killed her preacher husband.
You probably remember the story about Mary Winkler, the wife of a Tennessee preacher, who killed her husband and fled with her children to Orange Beach. The first episode of the new season will feature her story.
I hope that you get a chance to watch the show. I think you’ll find it interesting. But for all you husbands out there, you may want to be nice to your wives if they seem to enjoy the show just a little too much. It could save your life.
Lisa Tindell is the news editor for The Brewton Standard. She can be reached at 867-4876 or by email at

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