Published 1:09 pm Wednesday, October 10, 2007

By Staff
commended for agreement
The Escambia County Commission and Poarch Creek Indians have come to an agreement about how much the county should be compensated once PCI builds a new entertainment complex on its land.
We’re glad to see these two entities — which must co-exist — finally come to an amicable solution. We can see why PCI would be reluctant to make a firm commitment about the funds — after all, the group does not know for sure how much money it will make from its new venture.
But the county needs to be compensated for what it will put into PCI’s new venture — namely, help with infrastructure and law enforcement.
The new agreement calls for PCI to reimburse the county for $300,000 for the first three years. That seems like a fair amount.
Alabama is in a unique situation with its gaming operations, which are all run on Native American reservations. In other states where gaming is legal throughout the state, gaming ventures have to make as much as a 1:1 investment in non-gaming infrastructure or construction — and they have to pay taxes to local governments.
But PCI is in its unique position because it is, rightfully, a reservation. By law it does not have to make any compensation to the county.
The fact that both sides have come to an agreement both can live with speaks to the strong relationship between Poarch Creek and the county. We hope that relationship continues to benefit both sides in the future.

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