ADAM ROBINSON: Murder Creek Battle on tap

Published 2:18 pm Tuesday, October 23, 2007

By Staff
It’s that time of the year again - Battle of Murder Creek week.
The week that just about everyone in the two towns of Brewton and East Brewton look forward to since the beginning of football season.
I tried to wait until I knew the outcomes from this Friday’s games to see how the area teams did.
T.R. Miller defeated Hillcrest and W.S. Neal lost Jackson. Therefore, this week’s battle sets us a must-win game for W.S. Neal.
If W.S. Neal defeats Miller and Jackson defeats Hillcrest, it will set up a three-way tie for the last two region seeds. If Miller defeats Neal, W.S. Neal’s playoff hopes will end.
The Battle of Murder Creek has always been a great rivalry even when playoff hopes are not on the line for either teams, but with the outcomes of Friday night happening the way they did, this week’s game should be a very good game.
I expect both teams to be prepared for a tough game. W.S. Neal ended an 11-game losing streak to T.R. Miller last year with a stunning comeback. I’m sure W.S. Neal will look to continue their win streak and defeat Miller at home this year and ultimately get the chance to make the playoffs and Miller will be out to defeat Neal after the defeat last year.
I wish both teams the best of luck in the game and to all the area teams who play this week.
Until Wednesday, God Bless. RIP Stephanie 10-6-83 to 10-19-07.

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