OUR VIEW: Little steps make big difference

Published 2:14 pm Tuesday, October 23, 2007

By Staff
The long war against illegal drugs sometimes seems impossible to overcome.
But every little step that we can take to keep our children away from drugs and alcohol will help in the long run.
This week, students at area schools will participate in Red Ribbon Week activities, which gives teachers a chance to focus on the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Students will play games designed to teach them to stay away from drugs, and they’ll receive visits from experts such as the Drug Task Force.
Inside today’s edition of The Brewton Standard you’ll find a special section containing information about drug abuse and the ways Escambia County is trying to combat it.
The section also includes tips for parents and students about how to communicate with each other about drug and alcohol abuse.
Each student in Brewton and East Brewton will receive one of those special sections at school this week, and we hope teachers and parents will use them as a springboard for more conversations.
The fight against drugs does not need to begin and end with Red Ribbon Week. Parents and school officials need to continue their conversations about the dangers of drugs all the time.
We may not be able to eradicate all of the drug problems in the world, but we can certainly start right here at home.