ADAM ROBINSON: Cleburne Co. or Handley for round one

Published 2:43 pm Thursday, October 25, 2007

By Staff
This week’s Battle of Murder Creek game has a lot riding on it.
W.S. Neal is in a must-win to have a shot at making the playoffs, and T.R. Miller just needs to win and they will make it. If W.S. Neal defeats T.R. Miller, it will set up a three-way tie that will come down to playoff scenarios to determine the winner.
I figured that I would just discuss the possible playoff opponents for one of our area teams. One of our area teams will make the playoffs regardless, question is just who will make it. We will have to wait until Friday night to see who that will be.
Anyway, depending on the winner of this weeks game between Cleburne County and Handley in region three, whoever gets the third playoff spot will travel and get the loser of the game and if one of our area teams happens to get the fourth playoff spot, they would travel and get the winner of the game.
As of right now, both teams support 6-0 region records and Cleburne County, No. 5 in the state, is 8-0 overall and Handley is 7-1. Handley’s only loss of the year was to Clay County in the first game of the year. Of course, those records will change after this week’s game.
Cleburne County and Handley are pretty equal in scored points on the year in region play. Cleburne County has scored 172 points and given up 90 while Handley has scored 173 and given up 91. The overall scoring for Cleburne County is 217 for and 110 points against. Handley has scored 254 overall and has given up 138.
I wish both teams the best of luck Friday night and best of luck to all area teams this week and until Sunday, God Bless.