Pocket money has new life

Published 2:58 pm Monday, October 29, 2007

By Staff
Finding a treasure or prize is exciting no matter what your age. I was the recipient of a found treasure on Thursday morning. Finding the treasure made my day exciting and gave me a good attitude all day long.
The treasure I found was a $10 bill in the pocket of a jacket that had been hanging in the closet since last spring. What a thrill to put on a garment and finding a little cash in the pocket. You may have done the same thing.
What amazes me most is that I didn't miss the $10 last spring. I seldom have more than $20 in my pocket at any time. With using debit cards and checks to pay for just about every one of my purchases around town, cash is nothing something I need to keep on me at all times. My husband says having cash in my pocket is a dangerous thing. Apparently he thinks I spend too much.
When I took the jacket from the closet and put it on, I thought I was only going to warm my arms and upper body from the cool temperatures that morning. Little did I know I'd find a whole new source of lunch money for the rest of the week.
It's amazing to me how getting a nice surprise can change a person's attitude. I have seen my child's eyes light up when he finds a video or game he thought he had lost.
Although he probably hadn't played the game for a month before it was lost, it's almost like a brand new game when he finds it.
Although I didn't miss the money when it was put away with the jacket in the closet, I found myself happy to be reunited with it.
The same probably holds true for friends and relatives if we only stop to think about it for a moment.
With the busy lives we all seem to live these days, it's easy to put something away without a thought or even missing it all that much.
I know that I have a couple of friends that I enjoy spending time with, but simply don't make the time to have that pleasure.
When you think about a friend you haven't been in touch with for a while, give them a call. You may find that it's a treasure for both of you.
You may be the pocket money they need today.
Lisa Tindell is news editor for The Brewton Standard. She can be reached by email at lisa.tindell@brewtonstandard.com.