Schools celebrate Red Ribbon Week

Published 3:13 pm Wednesday, October 31, 2007

By Staff
Every October students at Brewton Middle School celebrate Red Ribbon Week to help fight drug use.
Red Ribbon week is important because it focuses on drug awareness and prevention.
Prevention messages encourage and show our students positive and healthy steps they can take in preventing substance abuse.
By educating students now, we hope to cut down significantly on future economic costs such as drug-induced health consequences, criminal behaviors, and financial burdens on our society.
It is the hope of faculty and staff at Brewton Middle School to have a positive impact on students socially in the future. Goals are to see such changes as decreasing violence in the family and society, poverty, divorce and abandonment, and decreased educational achievement due to drugs and alcohol use.
During the week of activities, students were given a variety of items such as stickers, pencils, pens, buttons, bookmarks, and bracelets with drug-free slogans on them.
Mothers Against Drunk Driving, MADD, donated many of these items.
The &#8220Think Smart! Choose Courage!” kit provided by MADD has a variety of materials that focus not only on drug awareness, but also on safety as well.
Drug awareness lessons and activities were taught throughout the week.
Brewton Middle School was decorated with red ribbons, posters and bulletin boards. A graffiti poster was placed outside the lunchroom for students to sign pledging to be drug-free.
A special anti-drug caring message of the day was read to students over the intercom system each morning during the week.
Other area schools also participated in a variety of events to bring focus to the effects of drugs on the body and to society.
Brewton Elementary School celebrated throughout the week by giving students a variety of items with drug-free messages printed on them. Lessons about making good choices were presented.
The 21st Judicial Drug Task Force was also a part of the week-long event at BES. Their visit with fourth-grade students emphasized the importance of remaining drug free.
Red Ribbon Week is held to honor Drug Enforcement Agency officer Enrique Camarena, who was killed while working undercover investigating drug cartels in Mexico.

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