And you thought Pike County could score …

Published 3:56 pm Monday, November 5, 2007

By By Adam Robinson – Sports editor
A couple of years ago, when both our area teams were in 3A, they had the chance of meeting up with the Pike County Bulldogs of Brundidge. Back in 2005, those same Pike County Bulldogs defeated the Abbeville Yellow Jackets 91-0.
While most were shocked at the score of this game, I came across another interesting score of a high school team in Kansas this week that was played Tuesday of that week.
Smith Center of Kansas defeated Plainville (I guess another team in Kansas near Smith Center) 83-0. While the score was eight points short of the 91 points put up by Pike County, what made this game more interesting was that Smith Center scored 72 points in the first quarter.
No, that is not a typo. They scored 72 points in the first quarter. Smith Center forced six turnovers in the first quarter en route to the 72-point romp in just one quarter. The previous record for most points scored in a quarter was 66 by Prescott, Ariz., in 1925.
I thought that that was a truly remarkable feat to accomplish. Either Smith Center is really good or Plainville is not so good.
I will go with the latter choice because earlier in the year - I don't know why they played each other twice in one season - but Smith Center defeated Plainville 69-0.
Another reasoning why I will say that Smith Center is probably pretty good is the fact that so far on the season, they have outscored their opponents 640-0. That's right, 640 points Smith Center has scored and has not given up any points on the season. If they were on week nine just like the AHSAA is (as of press time), that would mean they have averaged 71.1 points a game to zero.
In Alabama, the most points scored in a quarter belongs to Thomasville with 54 in the first quarter against Gulf Shores.
I am guessing that that game was the 2003 game where Thomasville won 81-14, but don't hold that one against me. The most points in a game belongs to Langdale in 1925 when they scored 125 points in a game.
Demopolis holds the record for most points in a season with 761 points in 2004. Sidney Lanier has scored the most points in a season with 243 while surrendering no points on the season in 1920.
Five other teams are tied with Lanier for no points allowed in the season with Lanier having scored the most points.
I want to wish all area teams good luck this week and until Wednesday, God Bless!

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