Weather fit for memories

Published 3:50 pm Monday, November 5, 2007

By Staff
I said it was coming, eventually, and I guess by now you've figured out I was right.
The cooler weather seems to have come in to stay, at least for a while. The days are mild and the nights are cool which makes for great outdoor weather in my book.
When the temperatures started dropping, I was skeptical that it would last. After all, we are in the Deep South.
Last Friday night was perfect football weather, and it's only going to get better. The weather outlook says next Friday will only have 67 degrees for a high with a low in the upper 40s. Hot dog! I'm looking forward to that.
I guess now is the time to take down the shade I had put up on my bay window. Since the morning sun shines directly into that window, I had put up a shade (actually, I hung a dark sheet) over the window to cut out some of the heat that comes in from the hot, bright sun. It may sound funny or weird to you, but it certainly made a difference in my power bill this past summer.
My mother didn't like the shade much, though. My bay window looks out over the majority of the two acres we call home. I suppose she will be happy now that she's able to look out the window and admire the earth while she drinks her morning coffee.
One other thing I can do now is to let up the glass on my storm doors. The kind of weather we have experienced lately is what I refer to as free days. I don't mean entirely free, but at least I'm not running the air conditioner or the heater during most of the day. I do, however, require just a tiny bit of heat at night. But when you let those storm windows open and let the air run through the screen doors throughout the house, it certainly does feel nice.
Just the other night, since I wasn't running the air conditioner, my kitchen got a little warm from preparing dinner. I had three burners on the stovetop going and the oven was baking biscuits. The weather made it so nice that I stepped outside on the patio for a breath of fresh air. The brisk air that met me as I stepped out into the night was very refreshing.
I hope that you will take the opportunity to take a walk in the early evening hours this week or maybe even throw a picnic lunch into the car and head off to the park.
This perfect weather we're having is a great time to create family memories that will last well into the cold of winter or the heat of summers to come.
After church today, I plan to do a little kite flying with a very cute 8-year-old. Yessiree, I'm going memory making on this cool, sunny Sunday.
Lisa Tindell is news editor for The Brewton Standard. She can be reached at 867-4876 or by email at

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