Ready to quit? Try smokeout

Published 4:57 pm Wednesday, November 14, 2007

By By Lisa Tindell – news editor
More than 7,400 Alabamians die each year as a result of tobacco use, according to the Alabama Department of Public Health.
Thursday's Great American Smokeout will give Alabamians and others across the nation an opportunity to give up the habit of smoking and begin a healthier life.
Tina Findley, local area tobacco coordinator for the Escambia County Health Department, said quitting smoking has immediate benefits.
The Great American Smokeout is set for Nov. 15 and is sponsored by the American Cancer Society. The special day challenges smokers to give up cigarettes for one day.
For those who have been smokers for many years, there are many available methods to aid in curbing or stopping the habit, Findley said.
Chantix usually costs about $130 for a month's supply, Findley said. However, the costs could be recovered quickly considering the cost of cigarettes.
Chantix is a progressive drug that enables a smoker to stop smoking over a period of time, Findley said.
Tobacco users who want to quite smoking in Alabama have access to counseling services to assist in quitting smoking.
Adults are not the only smokers targeted during the Great American Smokeout, Findley said.
For those who plan to give up smoking for the day this Thursday, Findley said there are some strategies that may make the effort more successful.
For additional information or educational materials concerning quitting smoking, the Escambia County Health Department offers pamphlets and helpline numbers. Contact Findley at 867-5765 for more details.

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