Records show best in north, south regions

Published 5:15 pm Wednesday, November 14, 2007

By By Adam Robinson – Sports editor
As the AHSAA state playoffs head into round two this week, I thought I would look at the results from round one and see how our area team's region stacked up against other regions.
W.S. Neal and T.R. Miller are in region one, and they were matched up with region three's Cleburne County and Handley.
Other region one teams were Thomasville and Escambia County were paired with Beauregard and Elmore County.
Thomasville defeated Beauregard 38-17, while Escambia County dropped a 31-14 to Elmore.
With the win by Thomasville and the Escambia County loss along with W.S. Neal's 28-14 loss and T.R. Miller's 34-14 loss, region one went 1-3 in the first round. Thomasville was the only team to advance into round two and they will be at home this week against Fayette County.
Region two went 2-2, region three went 3-1 and region four went 2-2 to finish out the southern half of the brackets.
The northern half of the bracket is regions five through eight. Region five went 1-3, region six went 2-2, region seven went 3-1 and region eight went 2-2.
So if you go by the records of the regions, region three in the south and region seven in the north had the best winning percentage as both regions went 3-1. Region three teams were Handley, Cleburne County, Elmore County and Beauregard-the teams our local region was paired with. Region seven teams are North Jackson, Madison County, East Limestone and Priceville. Priceville was the only team in region seven to lose in round one as they lost to St. Clair County 28-0.
As for the regions with the worst round one playoff records, region one in the south and region five in the north both went 1-3. Region one is our team's region and region five is St. Clair County, Tarrant, Midfield and Oneonta. St. Clair was the only team to win in that region as they defeated Priceville. Tarrant lost to East Limestone as Midfield lost to Madison County and Oneonta lost to North Jackson.
As far as the records by seeds, No. 1 seeds went 8-0 in round one with No. 2 seeds going 6-2, No. 3 seeds (W.S. Neal) going 2-6 and No. 4 seeds (T.R. Miller) going 0-8 in round one games.
All games in round two this Friday night is No. 1 versus No. 2 matchups except Central-Tuscaloosa (No. 1) against Elmore County (No. 3) and Deshler (No. 1) against East Limestone (No. 3).
I wish all area teams competing this week the best of luck and until Sunday when we meet again, God bless!

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