Cooking turkey for a crowd

Published 5:39 pm Wednesday, November 21, 2007

By By Lisa Tindell – news editor
The aroma of turkey baking, butter beans cooking and sweet potato pie will probably be filling most homes in this area Thursday as cooks prepare for a Thanksgiving feast.
Those aromas will be intensified six times over at Westgate Village.
Wilson said the seven workers who assist her daily in the kitchen at West Gate have been busy getting items for the meal ready for the big feast.
The large number of turkeys and the massive amount of dressing feeds about 115 residents as well as employees.
Wilson said visitors may order a guest tray so they are able to enjoy the meal with their family for the holiday.
Residents at Westgate fill out a preference card that lets the kitchen staff know what foods and drinks they enjoy and the ones they don't like.
The cooks at Westgate are used to preparing a large amount of food to meet the needs of residents; however, most days, consideration is given to special dietary needs.
Although those dietary needs will be followed for the special holiday meal, every resident will be getting a slice of sweet potato pie this Thanksgiving.
With another holiday looming just a month way, workers in Westgate's kitchen will be gearing up for a special holiday meal for Christmas.

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