Season start is now official

Published 6:17 pm Monday, November 26, 2007

By Staff
It's official for me. The Christmas season has begun and I'm ready for the start of what is the most magical, wondrous, hectic, stressful, expensive season of the year.
I saw a cartoon over the Thanksgiving holiday that made me realize I wasn't the only person with feelings that I want to get through the turkey and cranberry sauce with pilgrims all around before looking at elves and snowmen.
The cartoon showed a little girl asking her mom if it was a sin to sing Christmas songs before Thanksgiving. My opinion on that is it's not a sin, but is certainly not necessary.
About a week before Thanksgiving, I heard one of my favorite radio stations playing Christmas music. Just so you'll know, I immediately changed the station and pledged not to listen to any Christmas music until after I'd finished off my Thanksgiving turkey. I did keep my word, but you can bet the buttons on my radio will search out a Christmas tune from now until Dec. 25.
There are many things that signal the beginning of the Christmas season. One thing is cold weather and it arrived with a vengeance Thanksgiving evening.
After getting all of those leftovers into the refrigerator (and after a brief nap), I ventured outside and was met with strong winds that were obviously blowing in some cooler weather.
I actually made it out on Black Friday morning before sunup and realized just what that wind blew in on Thursday evening: cold.
That brings me to another signal of the season, which is the day after Thanksgiving sales.
I looked through sale papers and watched television commercials touting all of the glorious bargains to be found on Friday morning. From what I read and saw, stores are opening earlier and earlier on the Friday after Thanksgiving trying to get the first jump on your money. Some retailers were advertising their opening at 4 a.m.
I'm crazy, but I'm no fool. I didn't get up at 3 a.m. to make it to any store.
I did, however, at the dismay of my husband, get up in time to be at a local retailer at 5 a.m.
I told you I was crazy.
As I pulled into the parking lot at 10 minutes before the opening bell, it sounded as if a small thunderstorm were erupting around me. The slamming of car doors, the shuffling of feet and the clanging of shopping carts reminded me of thunder and folks scurrying to get out of the rain.
Those people weren't running from the rain, they were searching for a bargain. I was right along there with them. I will tell you that I was able to get everything I went after without hearing one curse word or being run over by any shopping carts. The miracles around Christmas are endless.
As I rode through some neighborhoods on Friday, I noticed that Christmas lights and special lawn decorations were already popping up. There are only a handful of homes decorated on the route I usually travel, but rest assured that will soon be changing.
As a matter of fact, if you ride past my house, you'll probably be able to catch a glimpse of my Christmas tree through the front window.
I hope to have all of my outdoor decorating finished before Monday morning rolls around.
So now the race is on to another holiday filled with family, love and wonder. I'm in great anticipation to see what Santa leaves under the tree for the 8-year-old love of my life. You can bet the living room is filled with catalogs, sale brochures, printouts from on-line advertisements and of course, a wish list.
With most of my shopping done, the only thing left to plan is the Christmas meal. Ham sounds good.
Lisa Tindell is news editor for The Brewton Standard. She may be reached by e-mail at

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