Forgotten Trails: Travis, Stallworth family reveals historical past

Published 6:32 pm Wednesday, November 28, 2007

By Staff
Last week I responded to an e-mail giving some information that I thought the writer didn't have. Boy, was I wrong. I received a 17-page document with a lot of information about the Travis family. I think I have most of it already and probably have written it about it before, but just in case I don't, I will write in the next several issues about the Travis and Stallworth families.
Barrett Travis was born about 1752 in Virginia and died about 1814 in Edgefield County, S.C. He married first Ann Smallwood about 1770 in Edgefield County. He married second to Elizabeth DeLoach. He and Elizabeth are buried in Travis Cemetery in Saluda County, S.C. There are several children, and I am not sure which wife was the mother.
The children were Elizabeth Travis (1771) who married first, Mumford DeJarnette Perryman, and second Barrett Smallwood Travis (aft 1773), Catherine Travis (1774) who married Elijah Pope, Mary M. Travis (1777) who married M. Wilson, Sarah Travis (1785) who married William Stallworth, Pryor Smallwood Travis ( abt 1785) who went to Mississippi, Mark Butler Travis (2 Feb. 1783-1Sept. 1862) who married Jemima Stallworth, and Alexander Doniphan Travis (23 Aug. 1790-15 Jan. 1852) who married Mary Ann “Polly” Williams.
Elizabeth Travis and Mumford DeJarnette Perryman (1762-Oct. 12, 1820) moved to Conecuh County. Their children were Martha Jane Perryman (11 Mar. 1787-31 Oct. 1862) who married first Joseph Stallworth, and second John Gallaugher, Nancy Perryman (15 Jan. 1792-6 Mar. 1863) who married Moses Medlock, Milton Travis Perryman (28 Sept. 1794-26 Sept. 1871) who married Johanna Haines, Samuel Perryman (17 Feb. 1797-17 June 1838) who married Sarah Ann Watson, Alexander Doniphan Perryman (1807) who married Martha unknown and Barrett Smallwood Perryman (1814).
Catherine Travis and Elijah Pope and their children were Harriett Pope who married Jefferson Stringer, Jane Pope who married I.D. Williams, Sarah Pope who married James Stallworth, and Maria Elizabeth Pope who married James Callaway Stallworth.
Sarah Travis and William Stallworth (abt 1777-14 Feb. 1831) were the parents of Mark M. Stallworth, Sophia Stallworth (1802-1854) who married James Hagood, Thomas B. Stallworth (1812-9 Aug. 1876), Margaret Ann Stallworth (22 Feb. 1813- 8 Sept. 1890) who married George Watt Holloway, Smallwood T. Stallworth (1816) who married Rebecca Foster, William Stallworth III (1819), whose first wife was named Martha and his second, Jane E. Pettigrew, Martha Elizabeth Stallworth (abr 1823) who married first Ira D. Bragg and second Edward Allen Warren, and John Q. Stallworth (abt 1826) who married Elizabeth Underwood and lived in Lowndes County, Ala.
And then we come to the ancestor of many of the Travis family members living in Conecuh and Escambia.
Mark Butler Travis and his wife, Jemima Stallworth (6 Sept. 1783-abt 1855) had these children; William Barrett Travis (1 Aug. 1809-6 Mar. 1836 at the Alamo) who married Rosannah E. Cato, Nicholas Stallworth Travis (10 Sept. 1810-6 May 1863) who married first Mary “Polly” Wilson and second Elizabeth A. Joiner, Sarah Ann Jemima Travis (12 Sept. 1812-30 Jan. 1887) who married Francis Manley Brantley, Emily Katherine Travis (26 Mar. 1814-bef. 1871) who married Joseph V. Brantley, Andrew Jackson Travis (1 Mar. 1816-1818), Margaret A. Travis (7 Jan. 1818-1818), Nancy Ann Adeline Travis (9 Feb. 1820), Prior Smallwood Travis (11 Feb. 1822-25 Jan. 1824), Alexander Randelson Travis (31 July 1824-1842), Mark Butler Travis Jr. (18 May 1827-6 May 1863) who married Louisa A. Bradley, and James Calloway Travis (5 Aug. 1829-25 May 1918) who married first Saphronia A. Davis, and second Mary Elizabeth Green.
Alexander Doniphan Travis and Mary Ann “Polly” Williams had the following children, Robert C. Travis (26 Oct. 1810-29 Sept. 1823), John Duke Travis (12 Aug. 1811-6 Nov. 1850) who married Mary Ann Stallworth, Martha Ann Travis (6 Nov. 1812-16 Mar. 1898) who married first Nicholas Stallworth, and second Charles T. McConnico, Phillip Goode Travis (3 Aug. 1816) who married Calloway, James Monroe Travis (3 Aug. 1816-20 June 1886) who married Mary Ann McCreary, and Alexander S. Travis (6 Aug. 1825-30 Sept. 1825.
Now stay with me and I will get all of this information to you. I already had a lot of this, but this email gave a little bit more on another line. I want to tell you more about the family of Mark Butler Travis. There was so much intermarriages between the Travis and Stallworth familes I would like to see if I can get some of it straight.
Until next week, happy hunting.