How do you steal from a cemetery?

Published 6:43 pm Wednesday, November 28, 2007

By Staff
Just how do you live with yourself if you rob from a grave? Family members of loved ones buried in Weaver's Cemetery on Appleton Road are wondering about that this week.
Many of the family members have lovingly placed solar lights and other memorabilia around the graves, hoping to bring some light on the dark times of their grief and to honor their loved ones.
As one mother said, she isn't trying to create a showplace, she is simply trying to honor her daughter, who she calls the “light of my life.”
It's hard to imagine why someone would steal anything from a grave.
We are glad, at least, that nothing else was taken, and that none of the graves were desecrated further.
Anyone who would steal from a cemetery isn't likely the sort of person to read a newspaper editorial and feel guilty about what they have done.
But this crime - which even law enforcement admits would be hard to solve - is a reminder that we all need to be vigilant for each other. If you see anything suspicious - in your neighborhood, at a business, at a cemetery or anywhere - take the time to contact authorities and let them know what you have seen.
The families who visit Weaver's Cemetery every day watch out for each other; they quickly spread the news of the thefts because they have become so close.
We hope that if anyone has any information about the thefts at Weaver's they will call sheriff's deputies to let them know. In the meantime, we'll continue to wonder how those thieves can sleep at night.

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