Are conference championships needed?

Published 7:10 pm Monday, December 3, 2007

By Staff
I was thinking about writing this weeks column about college football and conference championships, but the more I thought about it the more I just said no.
With the SEC championship game being played last night and as of press time not knowing the winner was my reasoning and just how it affects the BCS.
Well, after finishing my stories for the day, I was looking on and guess what their poll question was for that day? Should every conference have a championship game?
Wow! Talk about timing. So as I saw that, I guess that meant I needed to write this.
As for the question on ESPN's Web site, when I checked the voting results, 80 percent said yes and 20 percent said no.
That was the results of 9,207 people voting. On the site, they also show a map of the United States and how those states voted. All 50 states voted that yes, a championship game needed to be played for all conferences. Only one state voted no to the question and it was West Virginia.
I wonder why

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