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Published 7:02 pm Monday, December 3, 2007

By Staff
Family also grateful to E.B. police officer
I was thrilled to see the article commending E. Brewton police officer Marvin Stallworth for his response to the Luckey family. My family has also been touched by Mr. Stallworth's genuine concern for those in his community. When we had to call 911 for our dear mother, Mr. Stallworth was the first to arrive. As your article stated, he was simply doing his job by arriving in advance of the ambulance, but it was his caring and concerned attitude that endeared us to him. He didn't just sit in the driveway with lights flashing. He brought his heart and soul into our home, where his words of comfort and reassurance helped us all breathe more easily. He gently took Mother's hand in his and encouraged her to hold on, telling her help was on the way.
When we arrived at the emergency room Mr. Stallworth was there, pacing the hallways awaiting word on her condition just as if he was a family member. When he received another call, he stepped inside the room to tell us he would be praying for Mom and the family, reminding us that he is made joyful by seeing loving family units that rally around their loved ones.
Even after he had gone, we could still feel his genuine warmth surrounding us. When we eventually returned home to hospice care with Mom, Mr. Stallworth would stop by to check on her progress. Unfortunately, Mom passed away not long afterwards. One of our first tasks was to call the police department and request that Mr. Stallworth be allowed to escort her funeral procession.
Mr. Stallworth mentioned that he sees so much violence and unrest during his daily duties that it does his heart good to see a loving family. I would like Mr. Stallworth to know how good it did our hearts to meet such a truly caring law enforcement officer, and know that folks like him are keeping us safe and comforted. Too many in his profession have been berated as bullies (some rightly so), but Mr. Stallworth is a shining beacon in the stormy waters we all face each day. God bless you Marvin, and perhaps we could find a way to clone you.
Patsy Lato, daughter of Helen Jean Butts Harris Peevy
East Brewton resident
Crime victim hopes thief will come to God
To the person or persons who “borrowed” some electrical cords and some awning from 101 Cedar Hill Loop, please return them. I have no ill will against you (only the act), but I feel sorry for you. That which you need is the one who will keep you from taking stuff that does not belong to you.
I will be glad to introduce you to Him who will forgive this sin, and all other of your sins, and assure you of heaven when you die, avoiding that other place. He paid for our sins in full Himself on His bloody cross; the ball is now in your court.
Bruce Mantel
Brewton resident

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