Still time to give to area projects

Published 8:26 pm Wednesday, December 12, 2007

By Staff
It's amazing what happens when a few individuals decide they want to make a difference.
They might join with another group or solicit help from friends and neighbors, and before you know it, a huge effort is under way.
That's what has happened for more than 20 years for the Brewton Sportsman's Club, which joins with the Friendly Pals to help provide a merry Christmas - and some toys and clothes - to children in need in our community.
It's what happens with the Jefferson Davis Community College SGA's effort to find gifts for children during the holidays, too. Even some area toddlers got involved Tuesday, picking up pecans to sell so they can raise money to buy toys for their fellow tots.
All over our community, churches and organizations are working to provide a merry Christmas to those who need it most.
The Chamber of Commerce's Christmas Project is almost complete, but there is still time to find something to donate to the effort. If you don't have an angel yet, Dollar General is encouraging customers to donate toys for the Christmas Project. The project deadline is Friday, so don't forget to take your gifts to the chamber office for delivery to area children.
We are lucky to have so many generous people in our community willing to give their time and talent and treasure to those in our community who most need a merry Christmas this season.
You never know when that person might be you - and we all know that one good deed deserves another.

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