Nintendo Wii for Christmas anyone?

Published 10:20 pm Wednesday, December 26, 2007

By By Adam Robinson – sports editor
Well, it's the day after Christmas and while most of you are still playing with your new toys, if you are not at Wal-Mart getting the other necessary items to make them work or taking them back because they do not work, I hope your Christmas was a great one.
This year, I had the privilege of typing our little youngster's Christmas letters that ran in the paper a couple of days ago.
No, I didn't type them all myself as it was a group effort here at the office, but while typing I was able to read what they all wanted. While most of the letters were very interesting to read and type, I was able to derive what the most coveted items were this Christmas season.
Of course there was the baby dolls, puppy dogs, and other items, but one of the most reoccurring items I saw was the Nintendo Wii game.
Where are you going with this you are probably asking?
Yes, this has a sports theme behind it.
College bowl season is upon us and for those of you who do not realize it, those teams who are fortunate enough to make the bowl games, gifts galore are given to the players.
Bowls are allowed to spend $500 on each player.
Guess what the top gift was for bowl team players?
The Nintendo Wii.
The San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl (yeah, exactly-what a long name for a bowl) and the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl were able to give the Nintendo Wii with two remote controls.
LSU and Ohio State players both received the Nintendo Wii package along with four games along with the Alamo bowl that were able to give about 250 out.
Not everyone was lucky to get the Wii, but iPods, Best Buy shopping sprees along with HD TVs were given as consolation prices against the Nintendo Wii -- if you want to call those consolation gifts. I would take an iPod, iPhone or a Best Buy shopping spree.
So, if you were not able to get a Nintendo Wii or any other gadget that you may have wanted for Christmas, there is always the chance of going to college and playing college football and making it to a bowl game and getting great gifts before, during, or after the holidays.
On a diffent note, I want to congratulate our three area players for making the class 4A All-State team in football.
Making the list for 4A defensive lineman is W.S. Neal's Jamar Travis.
Also making the list on the honorable mentions were linebacker Akeem Green from W.S. Neal and offensive lineman Fred Samuel from T.R. Miller.
I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year as 2007 comes to an end and 2008 approaches.
To all area teams, the best of luck and God bless.

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