Forgotten Trails: Did families know each other?

Published 10:54 pm Wednesday, January 2, 2008

By Staff
I wanted to follow up on my information about the Travis-Stallworth connection. These people came from Edgefield District (now county) and made the trip to south Alabama. Who knows? Maybe they even knew each other before they made the trip.
I have some material that comes from the Internet and I hope it is correct. You can't always trust everything you read. We will begin with material on the Stallworth family.
William Stallworth Sr. (abt 1695) and his wife, Elizabeth (whose last name is not known) were the parents of at least three sons, Joseph Stallworth (abt 1742), William Stallworth Jr. (abt 1745), and Thomas Stallworth (abt 1747). Joseph Stallworth (abt 1742-1 Nov. 1796) married Mary Dial, daughter of Henry Dial and Isabella Hastings. Thomas Stallworth (1747) died before 24 April 1824. He was married to Margaret “Peggy” Trippe, daughter of Nicholas Trippe and Nancy King. He later married a lady with the last name of McMillan. Their brother, William Stallworth Jr., is the ancestor of those who moved to Conecuh County. He died 9 Sept. 1808 in Edgefield District, S.C. He married Jemima Trippe (abt 1758-after 1819) in about 1776 in Abbeville District. She was also the daughter of Nicholas Trippe and Nancy King.
William Stallworth and Jemima Trippe were the parents of at least seven children. They were Nicholas Stallworth (25 April 1777-6 Dec. 1836) who married first Mary “Polly” Adams and later Sarah Allen, Elizabeth “Betsy” Stallworth (14 March 1779-1869), Sarah Stallworth (aft 1779) who married Needham Matthew Thornton, Joseph Stallworth (Sept. 1781-12 Sept. 1822), Nancy King Stallworth (abt 1782), Jemima Stallworth (6 Sept 1783-abt 1855), and Margarette Stallworth (1784-1816).
Nicholas Stallworth (25 April 1877), son of William Stallworth and Jemima Trippe, died 6 Sept. 1836 and was buried in Nicholas Stallworth Plantation Cemetery in Conecuh County. He married first abt 1798 to Mary “Polly” Adams (7 Jan. 1778-21 Jan. 1825), daughter of John Adams and Sarah Doolittle, and he married second in 1826 to Sarah Allen (17 Jan. 1779-26 Aug. 1869) daughter of West Allen and Abigail Williams. He and Mary had 14 children and he and Sarah had three more children.
Nicholas Stallworth and Mary Adams had, Miles Stallworth (born and died bef 1798), Taphineas Stallworth (8 April 1798-1 Sept. 1823) who married Sterling Bledsoe Kemp, Lemuel Stallworth (13 Nov. 1799-29 Sept. 1834), who married Ellen Belle Lee, Pamelia Stallworth (12 Feb. 1802-20 Sept. 1825) who married M.C. Longmire, Calloway Hodge Stallworth (19 March 1804-25 Aug. 1853), William Mumford Stallworth (10 April 1806-25 Sept. 1825), Nancy Permelia Stallworth (14 March 1808-15 April 1856), Nicholas Stallworth Jr. (21 Feb. 1811-19 Aug. 1853), Mary Ann Stallworth (17 Oct. 1812-17 Oct. 1812), Mark Parker Stallworth Sr. (14 July 1814-2 Feb. 1865), Mary Ann Stallworth 14 Feb. 1816), Joseph Jackson Stallworth (3 Nov. 1817-29 Aug. 1895), Sarah Jemima “Sally” Stallworth (4 Oct. 1819-1872), and James Adams Stallworth (7 April 1822-31 Aug. 1861).
Nicholas Stallworth and Sarah Allen had, William Allen Stallworth (30 June 1828-3 March 1882), Benjamin Franklin “Frank” Stallworth (21 Oct. 1830-23 Jan. 1868), and Eldridge Greening Stallworth (June 1833-29 July 1854).