Donors give up locks for love

Published 11:40 pm Wednesday, January 9, 2008

By By Lisa Tindell- news editor
Nervousness and laughter filled the room at Kut-N-Up beauty salon Saturday as hair stylists gathered to cut some hair.
A community hair donation event was held at the salon to benefit the “Locks of Love” Foundation.
Twenty-one donors gave up long tresses during the three-hour event Saturday as eight hair stylists helped transform long hair into shorter styles.
Only one person was turned away from the donation because of hair length.
Jessica Wright had good intentions when she walked through the door, only to have her hopes dashed by a stylist with a ruler.
There are certain restrictions on hair that can be donated to the foundation, Fountain said.
Locks of Love is a non-profit organization that provides hair prosthetics to financially disadvantaged children with medial hair loss.
Most recipients have lost their hare due to an autoimmune condition known as alopecia areata, which has no known cause or cure. Other recipients have suffered severe burns, radiation treatment or any number of dermatological conditions resulting in long term or permanent hair loss.
Juanette Morris brought her three daughters to the event so that all four of them could donate their hair. Ashley, Erica and Gracie Morris donated their long locks along with their mother at the event.
Anna Brown, an 11-year-old donor, was nervous about contributing her hair to the foundation.
After having her locks cut away, Anna and her family were pleased with the results.
Erin Etheridge had her own reasons for donating her long hair to the Locks of Love foundation.
Thirteen-year old Nikki Reed donated her long locks. While sitting in the chair having her hair cut by Ellie Hammac, Reed's mother made a snap decision to do the same thing.
Stylists donated their time to perform the cuts and styles at no charge to those donating during the event. Ellie Hammac, owner of the Kut-N-Up salon, was glad to be involved in the event.
Others who donated during the event were Corrie Colvin, Madalyn Weaver, Rachel Stuckey, Dawn Bell and Peewee Nelson.
Stylists participating in the event included Hammac, Ruth McVay, Suzanne Happoldt, Amy Black and Laura Sturdivant from Kut-N-Up; Delares Robinson and Jamie Steel from The Country Shop; and Wendy West from The Cutting Crew.