Forgotten Trails: Share your family's history

Published 11:37 pm Wednesday, January 9, 2008

By Staff
I am going to continue with the Stallworth material this week. I would like very much for you to send in your family history and let me put it into this column. Just come by the office at 407 St. Nicholas Ave., email to or mail to P.O. Box 887, 36427.
I am working on the fourth generation from William Stallworth Sr.
Calloway Hodge Stallworth (19 March 1804-25 Aug. 1853) son of Nicholas Stallworth, married on 21 Feb. 1826 in Conecuh County, Susan Hobson Thomas, the daughter of Mabry Thomas and Ursula Crosby, who was born 20 Nov. 1810 and died 17 Dec. 1881 in Conecuh County.
They were the parents of three infants, Thomas Nicholas Stallworth (13 Aug. 1828-after 1870; Mary Hodge Stallworth (20 Aug. 1830-11 July 1865), Calloway James Stallworth (1832-27 Oct. 1865) who married Carolina S. Howard (25 Dec. 1841-1929) on 6 Jan. 1858; Sarah Tominas Stallworth (8 Oct. 1834-13 Sept. 1914); Jackson Park Stallworth (1836-1864) in Civil War); William Lemuel Stallworth (24 Jan. 1843-1923); Susan Ursula Stallworth (1845); Elizabeth Stallworth (1847); and Nancy Thomas Stallworth (1847) who married James Moses Crosby on 22 Feb. 1867.
Nicholas Stallworth Jr. (21 Feb. 1811-19 Aug. 1753), the son of Nicholas Stallworth Sr. was married in 1832 to Martha Ann Travis (6 Nov. 1812-15 March 1898), daughter of Alexander Doniphan Travis.
Their family consisted of: Mary Stallworth (1832) who married Nathaniel Ashley (abt. 1830), son of Wilson “Captain” Ashley and Mary McCreary; Robert Paine Stallworth (3 April 1833); Nicholas “Major” Stallworth (10 March 1837-2 Feb. 1909); Martha Stallworth (1838) who married Sam Barnett; Alexander Travis Stallworth (1842-1855); and Elizabeth Stallworth (9 Jan. 1849) who married Allen Robinson McConnico on 24 Jan. 1866.
Another child of Nicholas Stallworth, was Mary Ann Stallworth (14 Feb. 1816) who married John Duke Travis, son of the Rev. Alexander Travis and Mary Williams. Their children were Martha A. Travis (1834), Alexander Travis (1836), Mary Travis (1840), Caroline Travis (1842), John T. Travis (1845), Nicholas Travis, and Robert Travis.
Joseph Jackson Stallworth (3 Nov. 1817-29 Aug. 1895) married Ophelia Crosby, (14 Oct. 1814-14 Oct. 1900), daughter of Chesley Crosby and Sarah Hughes and their children were, Nicholas Chesley Stallworth (1837), Sarah Stallworth (abt 1839), Calloway Park Stallworth (1842), Robert Lemuel Stallworth (14 June 1845-10 Feb. 1928), and Mary O. Stallworth (1847).
Sarah Jemima Stallworth (4 Oct 1819-1872) married James Kendrick and moved to Texas.
James Adams Stallworth (7 April 1822-31 Aug. 1861) married Harriet Emmaline Crosby, daughter of John Crosby and Sarah Hughes. Their children were Mary Elizabeth Stallworth (1841) who married William Edward Broughton; John Crosby Stallworth (1843), Eugene Stallworth (aft. 1845), James Adams Stallworth Jr. (1847), and Sallie Allen Stallworth (Oct. 1852-1937).
I believe that I will stop with the information on this family. If any of you have questions, please let me know by email at or mail to my attention at P.O. Box 887, Brewton, Ala. 36427. You can also drop by the office at 407 St. Nicholas Ave.

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