Mr. Dan will be missed at Brewton YMCA

Published 11:52 pm Wednesday, January 9, 2008

By By Adam Robinson – sports editor
Recently, the retirement from the Brewton Area YMCA of Mr. Dan Shaddock was announced.
I had the privilege of working for and with Mr. Dan at the YMCA for almost a total of three years. I first worked for him from December of 2002 to August of 2005 before I had to leave and go to Troy for college.
After graduation from Troy in May of 2007, I moved back to Brewton and got married in June.
After the wedding, Mr. Dan was gracious enough to hire me back at the Y until I could find a fulltime job. He did not have to help me at all, but he found something for me to do while I needed work and I thank him for that.
I started back at the Y around June of 2007 helping him get the Y's capital campaign going. The capital campaign was a fundraiser to help generate money for some upgrades at the Y. He was patient enough to show me what all he wanted me to do and how he wanted me to do it and let me work in his office while he was out of town for that time period.
After my job with that was completed, I was hired back at my regular job of building supervisor.
I worked at the Y until September of 2007 when I was hired here at The Brewton Standard as sports editor.
When I first was hired at the Y in December of 2002, according to the article that ran in Sunday's edition, Mr. Dan had only been there four months prior.
Even though he was relatively new to the Y and the Brewton Area, I could already sense his “love affair” with Brewton.
Mr. Dan could always be seen walking around the building, talking to people, shooting basketball with people on the court, playing with the kids, taking a swim, working out, or running around the third floor track at the Y.
Mr. Dan loved what he did.
He helped improve the Y in many ways and knew just about every member by name and if he didn't, believe me he would get to know you.
I am not going to lie to you

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