City smart to pass new sign ordinance

Published 12:14 am Monday, January 14, 2008

By Staff
Kudos to the Brewton City Council for continuing its stand on banning new billboards in the city limits.
The council passed a new sign ordinance Tuesday that updates the ordinance passed in 1992.
Not only did the planning commission that wrote the ordinance try to make it more readable for residents, they also updated it for today's technology.
For example, electronic message boards are allowed - but only in the B3 business district, the most commercial districts.
On-premise signs will continue to be limited to 75 square feet, but the ordinance will allow ladder-type signs at shopping centers - the ones that advertise multiple businesses.
But one of the most important points that Mayor Ted Jennings and the city council asked the planning commission to include was a ban on new billboards in the city limits.
Brewton's long-range plan calls for the elimination of billboards within the city limits, a move city leaders believe will help make Brewton more attractive in the long run.
And we agree.
Billboards, while they have a place in some settings - such as an interstate - can make a small town seem cluttered and unattractive, especially as our community looks to grow and expand. We need to make sure that our scenery is clear of unsightly signs and other eyesores.
The new sign ordinance strikes a balance between being business friendly and aesthetically pleasing for residents. We look forward to its implementation.