Native appreciates Holman series

Published 12:16 am Monday, January 14, 2008

By Staff
As a native of Brewton it is with great interest that I have been watching the Holman Extended Stay series on MSNBC.  
I have a very good friend with whom I grew up with that worked up until last year as a correctional guard.  I remember him talking about some of the very things that were shown.  
I think it is a credit to the system, and, to all the employees who work there.  
To all concerned, “Keep up the great work,” as it keeps our lives a lot safer.  
Most of all maybe it will make some young person stop and think before committing such crimes.  Not only does it change their lives forever but the families who are the victims.
It is a far reaching consequence.
Jim L. Weaver
Seattle, Wash.