It's the economy

Published 12:56 am Monday, January 21, 2008

By By Lydia Grimes – features reporter
Rising costs of everything from taxes to healthcare to gas are among the concerns of local voters as Alabama's presidential primary approaches.
Samantha Hadley, who works at the Escambia County courthouse, is worried she won't have Social Security to fall back on when she retires.
It's a worry fellow courthouse worker Mary McClelland feels.
With the economy emerging as a major issue for voters across the country - especially amid fears of a recession - many local voters echoed those concerns.
Fellow student Kristin Larrimore agreed.
Gas prices, which have hovered around $3 per gallon for weeks, are among the most worrisome cost for many.
Jennifer Wilson agreed.
Healthcare costs are also a concern.
Odessa Williams, who also works in the registrar's office, is concerned about healthcare.
On top of consumer costs, Erma Rabon of Castleberry said she believes taxes are one of the biggest problems.
Beyond the economy, the nearly five-year war in Iraq has many voters concerned.
Support for the troops is evident among many voters, some of whom are torn about the war.
Escambia County Judge of Probate Rachel Agerton agreed. “I want the soldiers to come home,” Agerton said. “But I also think it would be a mistake to pull them out right now.”
Watson agreed.
Less tangible issues are also important to many voters, especially as they listen to the campaign rhetoric of candidates.
Hadley said she is upset by what she called taking God out of everything.
Elizabeth Harrison, a SAIL Center visitor, agreed.
JDCC student Carlos Kyles said he is also concerned about conservative social issues.
For Eugene Davis, switching parties might be an option this year.
Agerton said she simply has hope that the person who wins the presidency will work closely with Congress.
For some voters, the most important thing about the upcoming primary and election is that their fellow voters voice their opinions at the ballot box.
Sharon Ashton, an East Brewton resident, is a citizen of the United States but was born and grew up in Canada.
She said she feels very strongly in the process of knowing the candidates and what they stand for.

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