Some things are lost forever

Published 1:04 am Monday, January 21, 2008

By Staff
How many times have you finished hunting Easter eggs and discovered one or two were missing?
I realize it is still some time before the Easter holiday rolls around and the dying of the eggs begins, but I have experienced something this week that has put me in memory of losing a few eggs each spring.
What got me into this line of thinking this week was the discovery that I have a pair of black sweatpants missing.
Now I didn't hide the sweatpants like you hide Easter eggs, but it certainly appears if that may be the case. They are lost and from all indications they are going to stay that way.
Now mind you, not one person in my household wears the same size pants as I wear. My mother is smaller than I am, my son is only eight years old and my husband is much taller than I am.
Those facts make me know that even if anyone else in the house had taken the pants, they certainly wouldn't be able to use them with any success.
I have begun to clean out closets at my house and so far, no luck finding the pants. I have also done laundry several times since the purchase of these pants and have not found them in the hamper or the dryer on any of those occasions.
I guess the main problem is that I had actually forgotten that I owned the pants. I only purchased the pants as part of my Christmas present to myself in early December. With some of the warmer temperatures we had in early and mid December, I didn't need the sweatpants.
Since the past couple of weeks have brought some cold weather, I have been in need of the pants on a few occasions. I only wear that sort of thing around the house on the weekends, but even so, they certainly would come in handy when my legs need a little added warmth.
This isn't the first thing I've lost in my house. Once, when my son was nearing his pre-school graduation, I purchased a new white dress shirt for him to wear for the occasion. When the day arrived for the graduation, the shirt was nowhere to be found. I searched through his closet, through the drawers in his dresser and even in the toy box. No shirt.
The shirt did finally turn up when I was rummaging through some boxes in my own closet. How the shirt got there remains a mystery. When the shirt was finally discovered, it was way to small to fit my growing child. Therefore, it was put into another box for a future yard sale. And, yes, the tags were still attached.
I have also lost serving spoons, socks, shoes, baby bottles, toys and many other things I'm probably not even aware have been lost. The loss of those items is a mystery and will remain a mystery until my dying day.
I decided the pants would turn up eventually, just like those lost Easter eggs turn up sometime around the Fourth of July. But I will continue the search. I've also alerted the rest of my family to be on the lookout for the runaway pants.
I've also decided I'm probably going to find the pants sometime next August when I'm looking for a pair of shorts to wear because of the heat. If I do find them, you can bet I'm going to put a chain on them and lock them in my closet.
I'm thinking there may be a little gremlin running around Brewton collecting items thought to be very valuable or extremely useful in the gremlin world.
If you see a gremlin running around in some brand new, never worn, black sweat pants, tackle him and hold him down. If possible, snatch those pants off of him and give me a call. My legs are cold.
Lisa Tindell is the news editor for The Brewton Standard. She can be reached by email at

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