Lessons to be learned from tragedy

Published 1:59 am Monday, January 28, 2008

By Staff
Over the last two weeks, news has reported the tragedy of the violent deaths of four young children, a grieving mother whose life is changed forever and a father who has confessed to the murder of his children by throwing them over the Dauphin Island Bridge.  This senseless tragedy is hard for most people to process.  
As more details unfold through the criminal trial process, we will learn many factors contributing to this despicable act of rage.
What can we learn from this horrific act of violence and rage?  
Think about improving personal  relationships, whether it is with a spouse, parent, child, coworker or  friend.
Learn to appropriately deal with anger because inappropriate anger turns to rage.
Do not allow drug and alcohol abusers in your home.  Children are at risk from abusers whose behavior is unpredictable.
Carefully consider the responsibility of parenting because the responsibility changes priorities in life and requires much time and effort to meet needs of children.
Parents must convey love and value to children. Take time to hold your children tightly and tell them how much you love them and that you would never intentionally harm them.
May we learn from this tragedy to value and nurture family relationships, especially our children.  If you need help improving relationships, please talk to trusted friends or counselors.
Susan McConnell
author and counselor

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