Red Cross selling tickets for cabin

Published 3:45 am Monday, February 11, 2008

By Staff
We have appreciated all the positive comments on the log cabin that was in the Christmas parade in Brewton this past December. The raffle for the log cabin will be on Valentines' day at the Red Cross office here in Brewton. Please take a minute to read why we are raffling the log cabin.
Last year we assisted 15 families with about $14,000 in assistance to begin the recovery process from the disasters in their homes. The most common needs include food, shelter and clothing, however needs are not limited to those three items. Let me tell you about the helping process.
I can't chase after the fire truck. While I did try recently to follow a hunch and follow a police car something told me might be going to a fire, I couldn't see him after his third turn. Hunches aside, I must wait for the fire department, police, neighbor, or the individual whose home is involved to notify the Red Cross and request our assistance. At that time I will - or another Red Cross caseworker- will make a home visit; schedule an appointment in the office; and request a copy of the fire report from the family.
Upon arrival at the ARC office or other designated location, we begin to take the information and find out what immediate needs we may be able to meet so that the family can begin their recovery. Please note, I cannot tell the family what their needs are. I cannot make suggestions; I must listen to the affected family's request and look for ways to meet those needs through direct assistance or referral to other assisting organizations.
We know that we cannot replace everything that was lost in a fire as much as we would like to think we can. The most we can do is to help the client begin the recovery process. A couple of changes of clothing, new personal clothing etc, and other requested items can make a big difference. We also listen to them letting them know they are not alone, and make referrals to others who may help.
The $10,000 is a lofty goal, but it would put us where we need to be disaster-wise for our coverage area. (That area is from the Escambia County lines (meeting the surrounding county lines) to Huxford-where West Escambia Red Cross begins coverage. ) This is also where the funds come from to meet those immediate needs mentioned earlier.
If you have not bought tickets for the log cabin, please do. They are only $2.00 each for a chance on a building that would cost $3500 to have built out of the same materials which were donated to us.
Please help us to help others begin that recovery process through the purchase of a raffle ticket - for the log cabin - replacement value $3500.00. (At $2.00 a ticket, it would take 5,000 tickets sold to reach $10,000.) We have 5 days left. Please ask a board member for tickets or come by the office for tickets at 1014 Douglas Avenue, next to Hines Realty.
Please consider buying several tickets, it will help someone in need to begin their recovery and you can be a part of that new beginning! Thank you for your consideration.
Rogene Martin, director, East Escambia County American Red Cross

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