Drill teams respond well to worst scenario

Published 4:44 am Monday, February 18, 2008

By Staff
Brewton and the surrounding communities may never face a tragic scene like the one seen last week at an Illinois University. But with the foresight of officials and law enforcment agencies in our city, those who work to keep our communities safe will be ready if we ever do.
Friday afternoon, police officers, Special Response Team members, ambluance workers, firefighters and Emergency Management personnel were on the campus at Brewton Middle School to witness and be involved in an emergency response drill. The drill was constructed to provide a scenario at the school that involved two men with guns holding students hostage in the gymnasium. In the scenario, gunmen wounded all of the hostages and forced the school into a lockdown situation.
First responders arrived on the scene and immediately began using tactics to secure the safety of the students, faculty and staff at the school.
According to Brewton Police Chief Monte McGougin, the drill was a success. That success came as a result of coordinated efforts between all agencies involved in the drill.
We certainly hope neither Brewton nor surrounding communities ever have to face a real situation like the one portrayed on the Brewton Middle School campus Friday. However, with the drills and other learning opportunities by those in law enforcment and other agencies involved in such cases, we feel confident the safety of our community would be maintained.
We congratulate officials for thinking ahead and preparing for what could be the worst possible nightmare for our community. Because of their forsight, we feel confident our safety is their No. 1 concern.

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