Classmates to help build house

Published 5:27 am Monday, February 25, 2008

By By Lisa Tindell – news editor
Building a new house is exciting, even if you're a senior in high school. But having your teacher and classmates help build the house is even more exciting.
Dana Smith and his parents, Jennifer and Larry Woods, will be moving into a house on March 8 along with his brother and sister, courtesy of the Greater Brewton Habitat for Humanity and their own “sweat equity” in the project.
One of Smith's teachers, Todd Williamson, the vocational agri-science instructor at W.S. Neal High School, has volunteered his services for work on an upcoming Habitat building project. Students in the class will also be joining a large number of volunteers to help in the project.
The three-bedroom, two-bath house to be built on Brandenburg Street in East Brewton is the first attempt by local Habitat volunteers to complete a house in just one week.
Williamson said practically every student in his classes will be doing some kind of work throughout the week-long building project.
Smith will be among the students who will be working on his own house during the week, Williamson said.
Williamson said he contacted Alecia Glaize, Brewton Habitat director, about working on the building project in East Brewton even before he knew one of his students would be a recipient.
When the students learned about the project, they approached Williamson to work out a schedule, he said.
Some students plan to volunteer their free time to work on the project, Williamson said.
Work is scheduled to begin Saturday, with keys being presented to the family the following weekend.

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